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Can a Baby Save Your Marriage?

The hosts discuss whether parenting could bring you and your guy closer together … or press you further apart. And also, Tamar discusses exactly how her partner's top priorities changed because she brought to life their first kid, Logan.

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  1. I couldn’t pay attention to anything that was being said because the plant
    was disturbing, please tell me it’s not just me… o.O

  2. I didnt even recognize Jeanie! She looks so beautiful with that hair color!

  3. OMGGGGGGG! Every time I see it I love it more. Jeanie with dark hair is
    crazy beautiful. (She’s already gorgeous)

    • i know she always says her husband loves blondes. hope thats not why she
      changed her hair because she looks stunning in dark hair.

    • I saw on one segment where she said that her husband liked her hair when it
      was black/blue but she doesnt want to change it back.

    • +april king her husband likes blonde hair but like Jeannie with dark hair

  4. jeannie looks so pretty here

  5. Adrienne an Tay makeup is a bit too much what they were now is sooo much
    more flattering

  6. Logan👼🏾 miracle 🐾🐩 Tamar 💅🏾

  7. SweetAnSowaCandi

    I love Tamar and Tamera as mom’s because they’re REAL mom’s and not uterus
    donors. They RAISE their kids and don’t have nannies do it for them.

  8. Tongue click * ” Do not, do that” -tamar braxton

  9. Look at where Tamar’s legs stop vs. Adrianne’s

  10. Now I can say I miss Tamar !! That girl chat is REAL

  11. The guy at 1:03 looks like Nick Paquette from Big Brother Canada.

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    my distressed marriage of six years. Every conversation always end up in
    heated argument. After going through the lessons in this program [Check
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  13. hillaaaarioussss omg i miss tamar so bad! :’) the 4 girls are doing so well
    without her too though. <3

  14. I love Tamar here.

  15. jeannie i love the black hair on you boo boo..

  16. The dark hair suits Jeannie. Beautiful

  17. How do you pop your lips like that! i wanna learn! its soo sassy! yaass

  18. I felt bad for Tamar right here

  19. jeannie go back to this hair style please…

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