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Conan Takes Jordan Schlansky To Couples Counseling – CONAN on TBS

Jordan is involved to be wed, and Conan wants to make sure he's ready for such a big action in his partnership.

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  1. Is this the only time Jordan has smiled on camera?

  2. Gillyweeds Thirtyfour

    is Conan’s shirt a part of the bit too?

  3. They’re like Toby and Michael Scott!

  4. Commander Shepard

    8:47 – Did I just saw Jordan Schlansky smile? What the hell?

  5. Conan and Jordan make an awesome comedic duo

  6. 8:47 he was so close to losing it completely. These Jordan skits are

  7. The most beautiful smiles always come from those who rarely smile.

  8. This guy is the American version of Karl Pilkington

  9. seeing him crack that smile made me smile


  11. You can see the point where Jordan learned human emotions. It’s amazing how
    advance androids have become and their self-learning skills.

    • Jordan is actually just acting. There’s behind the scenes stuff where he
      just breaks down to full laughter after something fails. Like in the Scraps
      death star clip.

  12. 6:07 how did Jordan not burst out laughing or smile.

  13. I bet Jordan’s favorite band is Huey Lewis and the News.

  14. Conan is much more hilarious in real life situations as opposed to a
    monologue or interviews. He’s a genius.

  15. I can’t believe he’s a real person!

    • Jon Rogers No really, he’s like that in real life, except he smiles A
      LITTLE BIT more.

    • Sigh, have you met him?

    • He’s an act for sure, there’s no other possible way. There are even some
      outakes with him on the Team Coco website. My personal theory is that he’s
      a normal person, but slightly douchy and elitist with his tastes. Then Team
      Coco decided to make him a character turning his quirks up to eleven, and
      he was happy to play along.

    • +jmiquelmb ya they’ve played with his character for years since he started
      late night as Jordan a close friend of conans has worked with him for years
      so Conan both doesn’t resent him and he isn’t that weird

    • Nope he’s not. He’s a robot controlled by Lord Voldemort.

  16. Conan and Jordan is a classic funny man & straight man routine.

    • L M Falaschetti Falaschetti

      yes, you’ve got it, Conans wild antics vs Jordan’s flat responses,>>look on
      youtube for Ellen and Michelle O go to CVS it’s hysterical

    • Kirstie Donaldson (wesawsparks)

      Aaron Powell exactly! It’s a genius bit. It’s amazing to me how many people
      don’t get it though, lol

  17. I can’t believe he smiled. I just can’t.

  18. I think this is the only clip where Jordan laughs.

  19. ThatDirty SriLankanGuy

    lol I really wanted to know what Jordan has to say about deodorant

  20. ThatOneKidOnYoutube

    8:47 IS THAT A SMILE?!?! XD

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