Today's globe has actually gone astray, purity is limited. Sexualisation of culture and we've lost touch to our precepts. This rhyme intends to provide a solution. Offer me your ears. #MuslimLove The Anasheed in the Background by Ahmed Bukhatir

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This is my response/version of bball1989 video Sex, Marital relationship & Fairytales

Marital relationship today is having a hard time. Divorces, adultery, misunderstandings, etc are afflicting not only the marriage itself but items of those marital relationships (my generation and the following). My hope in this rhyme is to highlight the most constant and also bothersome problems marital relationships face today while likewise indicating Allah as the ultimate healer, redeemer, and also restorer of every marriage. Whether single or wedded, my intention would certainly be that this poem would certainly permit you to look even more deeply to Allah to either far better your present marital relationship, or prepare for your future marriage. Jesus is our Prophet.

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  1. wow.. this video is very lights and open my mind.. thanks bro !

  2. I have seen this video probably 100x. I am a devout Catholic and yet I
    agree with every word in this video I can recite it by heart at this point
    yet I will still watch it 100x more. Thanks for the great video and
    powerful words that I hope the world will heed one day soon

  3. I really want to wear the hijab sooo badly.. i know its past its time but i
    am just held back!! InshAllah it will happen, im 24 and its about time i

  4. I’M SOOOO PROUD THAT I’M A MUSLIM فخورا جدا باني مسلم اللهم ادم نعمة
    الاسلام علينا 

  5. May Allah SWT make it easy for you, Ameen

  6. i am soo proud that i am a muslim thank God

  7. i am a young muslim girl who unfortunately does not wear the hijab yet.
    This video really makes it clear to me how easily it is to become caught up
    in this life 🙁 Insh’ Allah i wear it soon, May Allah swt guide us all.
    Your videos make so much sense mash’allah may Allah swt reward you for
    making such information accessible to everyone. 

  8. sister, just try and do it! 🙂 just wake up one day and try the hijab on
    and walk out of the house. pray to Allah to help and guide you, insha’Allah
    you will be strong enough to do it! 🙂 ps – i wear the hijab and i am so
    grateful for it! the hijab liberates you rather than oppresses you; when
    you wear it you don’t feel the need to fuss about how your hair or makeup
    look because the hijab is simple and modest – you should have no big
    accessories, makeup or skin tight clothing. good luck sis :)

  9. Just to add to what lebo2196 said, it is stated in the bible that solomon
    had 700 wives. “And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three
    hundred concubines; and his wives turned away his heart.” (Kings 11:3). In
    fact, pretty much all world religions allow for multiple wives and Islam is
    the first to limit that to a maximum of 4. And even then, its conditional
    on that u must be just with all four of them, and if you cannot be just
    then it is forbidden for you to marry 4. U can only marry 1

  10. I am Catholic. This video is super good it has so many truths in it. This
    is the reason the world is so wrong today. No respect for God and No
    respect for women.

  11. Hey thank you for your comment, but I disagree. For starters, I didn’t
    blame the women and secondly I did “look around me” and in reality all the
    beautiful things in life are covered up. From the pearls in their shells,
    to the jewellery in their safe, even to the Queens in their castles. See,
    Beautiful things need to be protected not put out on display for the whole
    world to touch and see, this devalues their true price. This was the way of
    our Mary (pbuh) and this is the way our women follow.

  12. Absolutely, if Christian women are really sincere they would follow Mary
    -Peace upon her-, and if they do so, they would cover like here, and if
    they followed Jesus -Peace upon him- they would have prayed like we muslims
    by prosternation… MATTHEW 26:39:[And he went a little further, and fell
    on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this
    cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.].. but, in
    fact, we are the true followers of Jesus message

  13. Amen, I say to you Mr. Lebo! I’m a Catholic but all I can say
    is…..Amazing Words! Keep it up! Salaam Alaikum! 

  14. This video has really encouraged me to get a new more modest wardrobe of
    outfits cuz as a muslim girl it’s my duty to be a representative of my
    religion and it makes me feel bad that I’ve not been representing in the
    best way I could. Time to change for the better. Thank you for this awesome

  15. May Allah make it easy for you :)

  16. that’s because Islam is a continuation of judaism and Christianity. Moses &
    Jesus we prophets sent by Allah to guide the misguided and prophet Mohammed
    is the last and final prophet from God. All the prophets taught the same
    message and that was to worship Allah only.

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