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We sustain civil liberties, and also really hope WA State citizens will certainly APPROVE REF 74 and legalize marital relationship equality. See for even more info. Support Marriage Equality by purchasing the restricted edition Very same Love vinyl below:

Very same Love, as featured on the debut cd from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Heist, will certainly be offered 10/09/2012

The Heist
Deluxe CD:
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Same Love, A Movie By:
Ryan Lewis
Jon Jon Augustavo
Tricia Davis

Directed by:
Ryan Lewis
Jon Jon Augustavo

Generated by:
Tricia Davis

Supervisor of Digital photography:
Mego Lin

Associate Producer:
Honna Kimmerer

Jairemie Alexander
William Pontius
Shelton Harris
Sarita Valdez
Jay Sommerville

Jairemie Alexander
William Pontius
Shelton Harris
Sarita Valdez
Jay Sommerville
Thomas Collins
Tina Tsiakalis
Kendall Kapsner
Rosie Cole
Rory King
Josue Gonzalez
Mia Clapp Perfetti
Mary Lambert
Robert Braxton
Jaida Kimmerer
Brooklyn Thornton

Tricia Davis – Producer
Mego Lin – Supervisor of Photography
Honna Kimmerer – Manufacturing Design
Miles Johnson – Lead Green
Evelyn Brodersen – Lead Environment-friendly
Jennifer Terrana – Lead Eco-friendly
Jennifer Popochock – Make-up Artist
David Herberg – Secret Grasp
Wil Drake – Best Boy Grip
Mike Dyrland – Best Boy Hold
Yu Chen Lin – Gaffer
Blueboy Sguiggley – Production Aide
Seth McDonald – Manufacturing Assistant
Chris Duerkopp – Steadicam Driver
Craig Nisperos – Still Digital photographer
Austin Santiago – Place Solutions
Ben Haggerty – Tale Supervisor
Sahwn Anderson – Transport Planner
Nic Adenau – Extra Footage
Dan Torok – Casting

Unique Many thanks To:
Tina Tsiakalis @ Eastlake Facility For Birth –
Greg Turk & Ray Nutter @ All Pilgrims Church –
The Parry Family & The Kimmerer Family
Miles Johnson @ Fiori Floral Style –
Meadowbrook Community Center –
Kelly Warner-King
Kristie Player as well as Alvin Stillwell

And also an EXTREMELY unique thanks to Kerri Harrop (Songs for Marital relationship) for her hard work and also dedication in the defend marital relationship equality as well as her dedicated assistance to Very same Love as an idea, song, as well as finally currently as a video. "Same Love" as well as the campaign to approve Ref 74 would not coincide without you, Kerri.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Same Love feat. Mary Lambert
( B. Haggerty, R. Lewis, M. Lambert).
Macklemore Publishing BMI, Ryan Lewis Posting BMI.
Generated by Ryan Lewis for Macklemore DBA Ryan Lewis LLC.
Written by Macklemore, Mary Lambert.
Piano carried out by Josh Rawlings.
Violin by Andrew Joslyn.
Cello by Natalie Hall.
Trombone by Greg Kramer.
Videotaped and Mixed by Ryan Lewis, Ben Haggerty.
Macklemore/RyanLewis Studios, Seattle, WA.
Understood by Sterling Audio, New york city City, NY.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took care of by Zach Quillen.

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  1. The people that disliked this can efffffffff off #PRIDE 👭👬

    • john doe
      Don’t worry he won’t I believe in God aswell but what other people don’t
      realize in the bible it says that God loves ALL his children and that means
      you to I am a gay supporter I’m not gay but I think is lovely to see people
      be happy for who they are. Look up “what if being gay was normal” that
      video made me cry because I think of all the people suffering because of
      who of they are.

    • iamfromtheusamerica

      TheBestRex 03 God loves all of his children sinners, saints, blacks, and
      whites. God is also a just God. He judges each person at the time of their
      death and rewards or condems them according to their actions on earth. Look
      up the bible quote Leviticus 20:13. God says that a person who commits
      sodomy is worthy of death therefore worthy of hell. God will condem the
      unrepented murderers, sodomites, and thiefs.

    • Dalaney Mick the songs just bad, thata why they disliked

  2. here because trump just won. i hope everything will be allright but at the
    moment im so scared to be myself.

    • Look where there is hate in the world there will also be followed by
      acceptance even in the darkness of days there will always be people willing
      and fighting for the right to be who you truly are. I may not be apart of
      this community but will all my heart I support it

    • Hillary didn’t like the gays either, she only now started saying shes ok
      with it because, Who wants to elect someone if she hates the gays and
      literally said “Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that
      goes back to the beginning of time and I think a marriage is as a marriage
      has always been, between a man and a woman.” .

    • Drew Pollard this was back in 2000 and a lot has changed since then don’t
      you think. Even Tyler Oakley supports Hillary and he’s like one of the most
      openly gay person on the internet

    • +Hannah_Animal In my opinion, i would have liked it for neither of them to
      be president, but its illogical to Hope that the man is a shitty president,
      it would be like Hoping that the plane that You are on crashes. I’ve made
      peace with it, and i Highly doubt that trump is going to set up any death
      camps for gays and mexicans. The president doesnt have as much power as
      most think

  3. I’m here after watching the US 2016 election. I’ve never been more
    terrified to love someone in my life.

    • dangerways I feel like you people dont realise trump is perfectly fine with
      gay people lol.

    • +Setto Animz
      I don’t know if he actually supports gay people per say. But I really
      don’t think he is going to start raising up an army to hunt down all the
      gays and remove them from America. I just think he wants to distance
      himself from homosexuals all together. But no, I don’t believe he hates
      them in any sense.

  4. It’s great that gay marriage is legal all over the country now, but to
    those who say we need to get rid of judgment, prejudice and homophobia need
    to wake up. That’ll never be gone, welcome to the human race. I’m sure
    there are some other narcissists and pessimists out there who will agree
    with me.

  5. my girlfriend and I are an interracial couple with homophobic families but
    you know what if I didn’t have her I wouldn’t have had the courage to adopt
    two Indian babies 🌈

  6. When I came out, last year, I was so happy to find someone who could except
    me as I am.

  7. Potitia Rainbow Scary

    Sometimes I look at the comments when I am sad cause somebody bully’s me
    for being bisexual

  8. I listened to this like everyday in 5th grade 😂I’m out of closet now
    bitches. bisexual man 😂😂❤️

  9. what am I ? I don’t like girls or boys

  10. Unprofessional Live Streaming Khajiit

    I personally think religion’s done nothing good for us beside generate hate
    around the world. The religions mainly doing that would be Christianity and

  11. I like men, especially my husband and I have a precious son of 18 months,
    in the future if my son turns out he likes boys, you will always have my
    support and respect, we are nobody to change the love that one feels Person
    on the other, be it woman or man, what is important is the happiness of
    your child or friend or whoever.

    • Setto Animz no problem. And if you really want to know it’s different for
      everyone. You could be attracted to the same-sex because of intellectual
      reasons or just physicality. If you ever experienced love with the same sex
      and felt something with that person (like have a kiss or whatever) then
      that is usually called the spark. My opinion that indicates that you are
      gay or lesbian or bisexual etc. I hope this helped

    • Mikel Hector Salgado Gonzalez

      You’re a great person 🙂

    • Julia García good for you stick up for ur son ✌

    • Setto, well an easy way to put it is like exactly how you know you are
      straight, for example. maybe started with a little crush during schooldays
      when you reached puberty, then develop emotional attachment and sexual
      desires. just like normal teens.

  12. The epic squishy pug

    I cry every time I hear this because I’m gay

  13. Does questioning my sexuality and not being sure what I am make me a bad
    person? Whenever my friends make gay jokes towards me I say “nah man I’m
    straight” but I don’t feel sure of it. I don’t feel comfortable. I’m afraid
    and I feel alone. I like women and I’m attracted to women. But I find
    myself attracted to guys as well at times. Does this make me a bad person?
    I’m confused and all this hate in this world towards same-sex love makes me
    afraid. I’m afraid of my parents disowning me. I’m afraid of the
    harassment. I’m afraid of the world. Love is love and it demands to be
    felt. But so is hate.

    • Alex Romero
      There is too much hate in this world. There is simply nothing wrong with
      having feelings for the same gender. I think it’s beautiful, really. I am
      straight, but one of my best friends is gay. I’ve seen two men kiss and
      I’ve smiled. It does not take away your worth or your importance. You are
      just as much as a human being as I am. Please, do not let anyone tell you

      I’m no stranger to hearing people hate on the LGBT community. I was unlucky
      enough to overhear a conversation a girl was having with a guy. She talked
      about how gays should have many of their rights taken away. I think she
      even said they deserved jail time. Let me tell you; I wanted to explode. I
      wanted to unleash every cuss word imaginable on that despicable woman.

      This kind of thing is not going to go away anytime soon. Haters, as they
      say, are gonna hate.

      But do not let that get to you. Things are getting better. Yes, we may have
      a President that I want to say some colorful words to, but he will never
      take away your rights to being happy. I, and millions others, will not let
      that happen. You have more support now than there ever has been in
      Humanity’s history.

      You can, if you want, marry a man and live happily ever after. You can kiss
      him in public. You can live the life you want to live – if you still are
      having feelings for men.

      I’m not saying that you really are gay. Perhaps you simply find other men
      attractive, but you’ll end up marrying a woman because she happens to be
      the only one for you. And guess what, that is also perfectly okay.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is… Don’t limit yourself. Figure out
      exactly what you want and go for it, male or female. It doesn’t matter, and
      it shouldn’t matter. Your happiness is what matters. Don’t listen to the
      haters; they are just loud-mouthed bigots with nothing better to do. Do not
      let them convert you into someone you are not.

      Like I said, you may end up being completely straight and that is
      completely fine. Just don’t limit yourself either and think this through.
      You’re an amazing person either way. Be yourself. Ignore the haters. There
      may be some here and there… but you have plenty of support.

      I am a straight male, but you have my full support with whatever you
      choose. Good luck and be yourself. You’ll find yourself an amazing man or
      woman someday. Be… you, straight or gay, bisexual… it doesn’t matter.
      Just be you.

    • Brendon Taylor all of this support made me feel okay. Thank you guys so
      much. All of you. It warms my heart . I teared up reading all these comments

    • It’s okay to not be sure about your sexuality. You don’t always have to
      label something. Being gay, bi, straight, pan, demi, a, etc is okay, but if
      you’re not sure where you fit in in that row, it’s okay too. Just do
      whatever you feel is the right thing to do. Your sexuality will never make
      you a bad person, only the way you act towards others. Being intolerant
      always does harm, your preferences don’t.

      I understand that your afraid, even if I don’t know your situation and I
      hope that you’ll eventually find your way. If you ever need to talk you can
      hit me up, stranger or not. X

    • Don’t be like the homophobes and hate. Be yourself. If that means loving a
      man, love a man, if that means loving a woman, love a woman. No matter what
      anyone thinks or says, you are you. If your not being you it will slowly
      kill you, ripping at your soul. I went through the same thing, and I
      promise it may take years, but somehow you find yourself. But remember,
      people will try to decide for you but you have to decide for yourself. In
      the end it’s you vs you.

  14. I am straight but I support the gays I even have a gay friend but it’s
    disgusting when people make fun of you gays I once saw a gay guy being beat
    up in a alleyway by two straight so I jumped in and got beat up but at
    least i helped the gay guy being beat, remember we’re all human no matter

  15. Danielle Shellhammer

    I love this song it helped me come out to my mom

  16. Still listening in late december of 2016 and forever will, crying my eyes
    out and i’m not sure why

  17. I don’t mind all press and people that hate me I just want my own danm
    mother to understand

    • trash yea I’m scared to come out to my super religious dad as bi

    • Pansexual is being attracted to personalities

    • Pansexuality is cool but sexuality can include more than just attraction to
      humans. People need to WAKE UP and realize that some of us think a little
      differently about our furry little friends. We didn’t CHOOSE to be this way
      and we should be included in the LBGTQ community. Just waiting for the day
      when zoophilia is recognized and accepted….

    • I don’t think that will ever happen as animals can’t express consent
      therefore you would essentially be an animal rapist!

  18. Yesterday I came out to my mom as bisexual. Luckily for me, my mom was
    supportive of the LGBTQ+ community before it was even legal in all states.
    She said that it doesn’t matter as long as I am happy. Later that day, we
    were having a different conversation on parenting and what I was like when
    I was little. She told me, “If you’re going to have kids, you better not
    have a lazy husband that just leaves it to you to stay at home and give up
    your dreams and job to take care of those kids otherwise I will go to your
    house and smack them.” She then paused and said, “…or wife. I don’t care.
    If their not dedicated, they don’t deserve you.” She then gave me a hug and
    a kiss. I think all LGBTQ+ parents should be like my mom.

  19. His lyrics are deep. I’m crying partly from the lyrics and partly from
    video. Beautiful song and meaning.

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