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  1. Imagine watching Youtube from day 1 and never reading the comments or
    leaving a comment. Congratulations. You now have just became me for a brief

    Now that you understand where i am coming from; I just wanted to say that I
    thoroughly enjoy your content and this is my first comment I’ve left on

  2. I need a woman to verify what I just learned

    • I have my own opinion on that. I want a woman, who can take responsibility
      herself. We are in a relationship, to share responsibility, to help each
      other out, to respect and love each other. If I am sick or weak for a day,
      I need her to be on my side and help me, as I would do the same for her.
      Not leave me alone and demand from me, that I should still decide all the

      To give each other, in times of hardship and in times of happiness. And if
      she actually can’t – well she is not the woman for me.

      Best would be, we both together find a way and improve ourselfs and help
      each other, instead of thinking, I am the one, who is the only capable of
      doing and deciding. No actually, it enriches the relationship, if both can
      decide, if both can lead and help each other.

      If she isn’t the one, nah, I don’t care – I don’t need an object in my
      life, but a loving partner.

    • Andrew k “as a man you have to hold her hand and lead her”. Do that and I
      will slap you. I usually don’t comment but as a girl I can say this is one
      of the most misleading things I have ever heard

    • +Adeline Pival Do the opposite and see how quick the relationship goes to
      the shitter, then.

    • +biddy boo I don’t think that’s what he meant in the video. I think he
      meant that girls are turned off my men who come off as dependent on the
      girl as if she were his number one and then stop everything he’s doing,
      including pursuing his direction and goal, and just look at the girl for
      decision-making. He’s making her seem superior in a wrong way, not in a way
      she feels respected like a woman. I hope I wasn’t too confusing lol.

    • perception of life is funny thing… basically everyone in this thread
      talks about the same thing and still they argue as if they don’t

  3. lol, if you dating woman who says no and think yes, you dating immature
    idiot. start to spend time with women, not girls

    • +furenaef lol I’m married with a woman who knows what she wants. Not idiot
      who says no and think yes. But congratulations on dating girld

    • +Adolf Hipster screen name: Adolfo hipster
      Believes his wife likes to make decisions and is head of house hold
      Conclusion: cuck confirmed

    • Adolf Hipster it just means you’re the feminine one

    • +sandsbhatre yes, believing your adult partner knows what they want and
      understand meanings of “yes” and “no” is being feminine 😀
      You mom should be proud she raised a moron. If you believe idiocy in that
      video you either deal with immature sluts or you fucked up in a head 😀
      good luck having kids with kids

  4. In short, be single. Ride motorcycles. Got it.

  5. I thought we’re in a relationship to be a partner, and not to be a fucking
    entertainer for women

  6. I would replace the word “feminine” with “passive” , and the word
    “masculine” with “assertive”. Otherwise, a little sexist, no?

    • tono80 your replacements are sexist too

    • Why are they sexist? Any man can be passive and any woman can be assertive.
      They are assigning gender to adjectives.

    • Large as Brontasaurus

      tono80 and any man can be masuline or feminine and any woman can he
      masculine or feminine – it has nothing to do with your biological sex or

    • +Large as Brontasaurus He is defining feminine his own way, when referring
      to assertiveness (or decision making). This is not a colloquially or
      categorical definition of feminine or masculine. He assumes that
      feminine=uncertain and masculine=assertive, which is a slippery and
      absolutist attempt to define an adjective.

  7. A real woman will make choices and tell you what she wants. We ‘re not
    talking about high-school girls lmao

  8. What year is this? Allow me to disagree but I think girls are capable of
    deciding by themselves. Also, they should pursue their purpose not just
    riding along someone’s goals. There’s no need to have roles in

    • MFper4mance I think men are emasculated. And they think the female brain
      works like theirs after such few years under evolution. They don’t. Be
      happy, confident, empathetic, and assertive; that is the trip to a good

    • +Titan Till I agree! Nowadays men in westernized society are emasculated to
      a certain degree, and likewise women are becoming more masculine. Now in a
      perfect world, a man and woman would be balanced (fem/mas) but the balance
      has been upset with media suppressing a lot of that subconsciously.

      There are roles in relationships, it doesn’t mean that its permanently
      played by each person, but there are things that need to be there on the
      side of each person in order to complete the relationship.

  9. You just blew my mind ! I realise all my mistakes now. I’m also over my
    break up because I can’t be mad at her for leaving when I basically made
    her leave. Thank you.

  10. Wow, this make sense, woman don’t know what they want.

  11. I want a complete women not whiney bitches. care to share some advice on

  12. Alejandro Gonzalez

    My purpose is to ravish her body

  13. no means no. wtf.

  14. omg this is bullshit..

  15. Women are fucked up, seriously.

  16. Anyone else find it cringe when he makes out to be a super alpha male, yet
    he’s got the most camp voice I’ve ever heard? Haha.

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