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Saving Your Marriage

A marriage, like a human life, is a precious, living thing. Partners ought to exercise belief in Christ and love for each various other to heal and also reinforce their marriage relationship.
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  1. God with us

  2. so sad

  3. I should seriously stop reading the comments before the video

  4. Why does this youtuber always make me cry

  5. i cried because it was soo sweat:’)

  6. ,lol I cried Thor the video it was sad

  7. Dang :(

  8. This video made me

  9. Wait… how did he get hurt in the first place

  10. This makes 1 in 5 cry

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  12. Listen haters I am Mormon I go to the church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day
    Saints and what you should do is take down your comment and repent. Please
    do not post mean things, the Lord doesn’t want you to do that so please
    turn your life around and repent and if the church of Latter Day Saints is
    near your home please join it’s a wonderful experience! It’s lovely to have
    this special feeling when you go to church and listen to people’s
    testimonies. You get this fuzzy feeling inside and I insist you go because
    Jesus wants you to keep the covenants and be baptized and become a member
    of the church! You are wonderful brothers and sisters and Jesus loves you
    either way!

  13. 😱

  14. Ronni lea Sherwood


  15. My name is Emmanuel that means God is with us

  16. jesus can save us he can heal us and if where crishten we will go to heaven
    thank you jesus for saveing us thank you

  17. This is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. 152 people had their computer up side down

  19. 152 disliked :(

  20. Should I be watching this channel even though I’m Catholic

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