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Signs Your Marriage Is Over: The 6 Stages of Marriage

– Indications Your Marital relationship Mores than – There are 6 stages ALL partners undergo before they get to completion of the marriage. This video clip will aid you locate where your marital relationship goes to so you can do something before it's far too late. Married over 40 years, Larry Bilotta assists men and women find calm in the middle of chaos.

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  1. Simple solution=don’t get married😊

  2. The Money View The Money View Group

    Because men are afraid to death of divorce they much rather just cheat and
    live out their sexless marriages women get old and scared to leave so both
    grow old and unhappy and those are.all those older couples you see in
    public fighting to the bitter end wishing their mates drop dead before they
    do. They deserve each other they came to earth to cause each other the pain
    they live. Both need to learn to get a back bone and seek freedom.

    • The Money View The Money View Group

      My mom got how at 65, one day she packed a small bag and simply walked away
      no divorce nothing, but she never returned today my dad sits alone in a 3
      bedroom house my mom said she wanted to die without having to fight
      everyday with him, she died like 6 years after she walked away. My marriage
      fall apart in my 40s, I was tired of living separate lives and refused to
      die like my mom leaving in my 60s.

    • Bernard Guy Nunns

      Money Devastating…living in that mess and continuing on is hopeless but
      leaving with no care for reconciliation is even worse. Jesus brings dead
      things to life. If He doesn’t then I’m wasting my time believing in Him.

    • The Money View The Money View Group

      You have choices its up to you to believe or not. We have never been told
      the real truth when it comes to Jesus and the church, but the bible says
      the Kingdom of the Heavens is within. Letting Religions of this world brain
      wash us and turn every religion against each other and hate each other is
      not from God but from Man!

      Become more spiritual within yourself, use your own god giving brain to
      lead your own life, I lost my husband to religion because he never needed
      me he only needed and believed all he is here for is for God, meaning his
      own idea of what he believes God wants and is. I meant nothing in the end
      and to this day I and his on boys mean nothing to him because we are not

    • Bernard Guy Nunns

      You are not alone in your pain. But as I said I believe Jesus and only He
      can fix the mess in our lives. If you believe He is God then go to the next
      level of faith and trust Him to restore your marriage. Not to how it was
      before but how He wills it to be…ever growing in love, endearment and
      respect. What have you got to lose?

    • The Money View The Money View Group

      what marriage he became abusive and i was suppose to be a good christian
      wife and just lay down and take it and wait on God to fix us!…

  3. Hmmmm interesting. My marriage, which is likely over, is very much a role
    reversal. He’s unemployed and I’m the breadwinner. He’s emotionally
    volatile while I’m cold and logical. He’s a homebody while I’m an
    adrenaline addict. He’s critical while I’m fairly accepting. I’ve finally
    grown tired of the control and criticism and I’m about to take that snap

    • +Dee Ja Yeah, unfortunately, things changed over time. If I had to do it
      over again and knew about the bipolar disorder, I don’t think I would have
      gone through with it. The mood swings are not dramatic, but end up being
      this edgy anxiety. His dad and cousins show much more serious symptoms.
      No kids. Two cats.

    • Alice M so did you get divorced? my husband has depression and mood swings
      a lot. he is miserable to live with.

    • +Motogirlz
      Your husband is miserable because of you.

    • Alki Malk – 😀 A time warp from the Dark Ages!

    • Motogirlz – no, we’re working on it. It’s been a journey. I wish you
      blessings and luck with your situation.

  4. no marrige will last when a pardner is secretly stealing and screwing
    around , most women belived that they that they can secretly satisfy their
    secret fantasy and will not be caught,listen to me lover boy, a woman heart
    is like the deep blue sea ,they are many a secret ,generlly after ten years
    of marrige the only thing that keep them together are the kids or to accept
    the fact that their desire for each other has frozen, because she no longer
    enjoys his touching ,she come up with some excuses for witholding herself
    to him ,he became sex starved,while she is having a baul also it can be the
    other way around,if a man cannot read a woman eyes and her body launguage
    and see its over,and accept the things he cannot change ,he will suffer,
    many years ago i over heard a conversation between a mother and her
    daughter not knowing that i understand the launguage they were speaking,i
    was sitting in a bus , mother asking daughter if the man she went out with
    is screwing better than her husband , then mother start discribing the time
    she had with her secret lover, sex secred sex have become poluted, men
    after men women after women ,lies within each human heart is the fire
    called sex if not controle will bring us down in the gutter,

  5. Liberty Mgbanyi

    You are bias. You did not say what the man go through in the hand of the

  6. Kimberlee Arteaga

    i feel I’m on level 3 . i broke down.

  7. Ugh if i showed this video to my husband, it would just create another

  8. Been stuck in a 28 years sexless marriage. Got a solution for that.

  9. Notice this focuses on the Woman’s emotional state. Women always blame the
    man for all problems and their emotional state is often irrational and
    nasty when it gets to this stage. I find negotiating with Women can often
    be impossible and often ends in abusive attacks. I often experience the
    spouse throwing the first stone and then when you throw it back they can’t
    hack it and start blaming you for the retaliation which is yet another
    irrational truth. My wife has already stated there is no going back, I am
    overly negative, switching personality and reminds me of her own mother
    which she greatly despises. Even though if I ask a 3rd party on my state of
    being I get the complete opposite review that I’m calm, easy going
    personality and not easily angered. Right now nothing angers me more than
    my wife, she is the most frustrating and abusive (even at times physically
    but really rarely and regretfully) person I have ever had to share space
    with which is really sad but I don’t see a way back.

    • The beginning of the video references that men go through similar stages.

    • Making a third party’s view more relevant than your view or your wife’s
      view shows a lot of immaturity. It is not up to a third party to decide
      whether you or or wife is the most unreasonable – and quite unfair of you
      to invite casual, unqualified, onlookers to comment on your marriage. If
      you don’t meet her needs and she does not meet yours, just leave, without
      using it as an opportunity to destroy her self confidence.

    • Alienated Wow not just my wife then. Mine can henpeck all day long at me,
      but the slightest bit of self defence on my part and I’m literally Judas.
      Seems like she is utterly incapable of stepping out of her bubble and
      considering for a moment that she might change some of her actions. While I
      spend all day long second guessing my behaviour and thinking of new ways I
      can better myself to earn some respect & love. Truth is if not for the kids
      I’d have got outta dodge a long time ago.

  10. Wow this video makes me never want to get married . Ever .

  11. Guys, first step, dont fix a thing. Just listen. When she lays in and is
    upset or stressed and you feel like you’re the worst thing to ever happen
    to her, just affirm and ask What else upsets you? Since not all problems
    can be fixed they can be understood and heard.

  12. OldAzzJuggalo4Life

    My wife has hit the snap line and it sucks so bad but this did show me some
    good things however if you are correct I’m fucked not giving up though I
    don’t give up on anyone I love

  13. Well I am a husband and this all makes perfect sense and I’m going through

  14. btr to stay single, why is divorce do expensive, because its worth it!

  15. No other creature on the planet pairs for life and spends 40-50 years
    living in a home raising offspring and playing gender roles, while isolated
    from extended family and the larger community. This idea of the nuclear
    family and marrying for love “till death do us part” is a relatively recent
    phenomena. Personally, I don’t think it’s natural or in many cases even
    healthy to be living with the same person for decades on end with no
    extended family or support system around to help and no way to step out of
    that situation without serious legal/financial ramifications, if something
    goes wrong (as it does in 50% of the cases). Why not have 5 yr renewable
    contracts? If the marriage is still strong and both partners still feel
    compatible, they simply renew the contract. I know that might sound cold
    and unromantic but I think it’s more realistic. The whole institution of
    marriage seems like it’s still stuck in the dark ages and in desperate need
    of update, imo

  16. us men need to understand its always about the women…….I like the
    millennial girls (tinder) pump and dump….wait tell you stupid bitches hit
    the wall at 30 …your..looks bye bye…..google. .single & 40 …a sea of
    lonely women crying ….”I thought I could do better” …….us men in our
    40s …have $ nice car …comfortable in our on skin …and plenty of 20
    something year Olds that believe in women’s equality. ……I believe in it
    to girls…..Be free…..don’t settled. …have your fill …there’s no
    reason why you can’t have the company of a diffrent man every night….I
    support it…..be free spread your wings…..spread them wide…..I used to
    have to work at picking girls up in the 80s& 90s ..now all I have to say is
    “HILLARY” I stand with her? yes??? YES (insert porn music)

  17. The attempt by the Husband to save the marriage being driven by desperation
    rather than love was a great observation and even in non domesticated
    relationships, this is what is often being done, great video.

  18. Mindful Stitcherie

    Is there a good reason to place that “While this video…” text box in the
    middle of the screen? It’s so annoying!

    • Yes, the notice was placed in the video due to comments about the video
      being “bias”, but thank you for your feedback.

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