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Temptation Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Tyler Perry Movie HD

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Temptation Authorities Trailer # 1 (2013) – Tyler Perry Movie HD

A marriage counselor's individual as well as specialist life ends up being challenging after she becomes part of a relationship with among her clients.

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  1. Hell Kim sucks at acting. Nicki Minaj acts better than her.

  2. LAFRANCE louisxvi

    This movie and addicted are basically the same movie. I’ve seen both

  3. Kim, you shoukd consider acting. & im not talking about in the porn videos

  4. Why am I finding out 3 years later that Kim K was in a film??

  5. Yet another movie that can be solved with a threesome in 5 minutes.

  6. Rosalee ! !

    (Underground fans understand)

  7. The ending got me cautious

  8. Damn looks good actually hahahahaha

  9. she gets aids in the end… just saved you 10$🤔😊😊😊😊

  10. Has anyone on here actually seen the movie? I loved it. I thought it was
    beautifully told and actually based on true events. This can actually
    happen to people. I think all the main cast did a great job. Even Kim…

  11. Kim honestly wasn’t THAT bad in this movie lol

  12. This is really sad., I actually thought the guy would take her back…😥

  13. She ends up getting HIV and her husband leaves her and marries another
    woman. so sad.

    • Allie Love hey but if Harley continued to treat her right and was healthy
      than Judith would still be in a relationship with him without giving a damn
      about Brice.


    If she’d just talk to her husband like have a sit down with no distractions
    and she just talked to him about what’s bothering her in the relationship
    then they could have resolved stuff…But no. Have silent hatred towards
    him and keep telling yourself that you tried everything you could and then
    cheat on him because you’re thinking you deserve better…then karma hits
    you bigger than Kim and Nicki’s butt sizes put together. Have fun.


      It also seems as though that she never had a problem with her husband till
      the other guy walked in and started planting thoughts in her head. So I
      guess ignorance is bliss.

  15. Dont like TP movies but this one had a good lesson for men and women. Men
    pay more attention to ur ladies tell em u love em and never stop
    complimenting them. Women if u have a good man dnt leave him just cause of
    something small cause this can always happen. Now excuse me i have to go
    let my woman know how good she looked in her jeans!

    • You can compliment them all you want,..ut when they decide that it’s over,
      and that they ” need to move on”, all your efforts will prove to be quite

    • not as often as i assume you think. Damn not all women make that mistake
      that judith made. yeah, as humans, we all have temptation but not all of us
      give in to it just like not all men do.

  16. She’s the girl from FNL.

  17. Im sure the producer must be a black

  18. I never watch the movie I watch this trailer because Kim was in the

  19. The ending broke my heart sm 😩❤️❤️❤️ her ex husband deserved all the
    happiness &&a Im glad he got it ❤️

  20. im sure this has happened in real life somewhere

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