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The Way to Save Your Marriage Even After Guidance Fails – The Real Reality About Marriage Counseling



If you want to understand how to save your marriage even after guidance fails, you are not alone. Countless couples try counseling each year, only to discover that their relationships are still troubled and did not improve much. After almost getting a divorce myself, We made some important breakthroughs and learned the real reality about marriage counseling.

There are plenty of outstanding therapists and counselors available who do a great job. The objective of this article is not to demean or even diminish the work that they perform. However , the fact remains which couples who attend counselling tend to divorce at the same prices as those who don’t. Additional studies have suggested that conventional marriage counseling only has in regards to a 20% success rate!

The issue seems to be in the training as well as education that most counselors get. Most of this education concentrates on individual therapy rather than partners therapy. The focus is within the happiness and life fulfillment of the individual. Trying to use this same model to lovers is often very ineffective and can make the problem worse. Normally this kind of counseling emphasizes better conversation skills. Although communication is unquestionably important in a marriage, attempting to isn’t the real problem and it is doubtful that better connection is going to save a marriage within crisis.

Would you go to see a costly doctor who had an 85% failure rate in treating their patients? Couples often invest thousands of dollars on marriage counseling but still end up divorced! My wife and I attempted marriage counseling and went through the entire process of learning better interaction skills. Unfortunately, better transmission skills just taught all of us to fight better. Regardless of the sincere efforts of our therapist (a PhD) we failed to get any real take advantage of all the counseling sessions all of us attended

After an not successful attempt at marriage counseling and practically getting a divorce in the process, I had been desperate to find a way to save the marriage. I am so thankful to have discovered the truth. I actually saved my marriage despite the fact that my wife had wanted the divorce. I learned what to do, what things to say and a proven step by step plan that not only conserve our marriage, but transformed our lives.

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