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Why Men Are Giving Up On Marriage

Increasingly more men are giving up on marriage, as Set Daniels reveals.

Males are currently locating marital relationship undesirable as well as are weding later on in life, if in any way.

A Catholic priest recently disclosed he's only performing five marital relationships a year, below 35 over 25 years back.

Right here's why.

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  1. Marriage is a trap for men. Avoid it like the plague. If you want sex,
    there are plenty of women giving it away for free. No need to walk down the

    • +Genia Foster
      Agreed but some men need sex so badly, they just get married for it and to
      cheat on the wife too.

    • A co-worker of mine announced to the office he was getting engaged to be
      married. I said out loud…. “Awh Mike…. if you don’t want to have sex
      with her anymore just tell her, you don’t have to marry her”.

      It got a good office laugh.

    • Most wanted 2 thanx for sending another damaged fish back into the ocean.

    • +Rafael Maston: I agree with you, Rafael. Men should never complain about
      the poor behavior of women, when they strip a woman of her cloths, virtue
      and dignity…then flush her down the drain and into the public water
      supply, in the form of toxic waste.

  2. I’ve never dated before and I’m glad I never did.There is more to life than
    getting married.

    • Dude I tried 2 weeks of abstinence and it was one of the hardest things
      I’ve ever tried doing, I don’t know how you could go 20 years.

    • +Aaron Hoppitt: I hope that you and your lovely bride will go the distance.
      Obviously, you are more of a risk-taker than I am, because I don’t trust
      the female sex at all. I do wish you well, however.

      Now, as far as going 20 years without sex…well, let me just say the first
      few weeks were tough, but (over time) it got easier. It also helped that I
      did not particularly like my wife, especially after I discovered she was
      having an affair.

      Going 20 years without sex is easier when you are a moral man, fear STD’s,
      fear pregnancy, fear rape allegations, fear “fatal attractions”, fear
      shot-gun weddings, fear hysterics and drama, fear divorces, fear spousal
      infidelity and a whole host of other things.

      At the end of the day, getting married and having sex just aint all it was
      cracked up to be. To me, the cost/benefit ratio is just too high, making
      marriage a venture that is far too risky. Let the buyer beware.

    • Having hobbies to learn new things to help the world is more important.

    • +John Van Hof: Nikola Tesla would certainly agree with you and so do I.

      I promise you, John, women will take far more from you than they will ever
      give – you can bank on it.

      Just know that sex gets boring and beauty fades. By the time a woman is 40
      years old…the writing is already on the wall and her best days are far
      behind her.

      Be well – John

    • Leoni1 hhhhhhh bro you’re the best

  3. the main reason men are giving up on Marriage is because we are finally
    realizing that most women are stuck up annoying bitches!!!!!😜

  4. Martell Tha Cool

    throw those feminazis into Muslim countries and they’re turn it around very

  5. There is nothing to be gained from marriage for Men and everything to lose.
    Once a marriage ends, Women gets more than 50% of the total assets. This is
    total bs and just encourages gold digging whores. I would never want to tie
    the knot unless a Prenup is signed.

    • +El Gringo
      So get rich first, then get married, if at all.

    • +Vana Phill why get married at all? You still have to pay thousands in
      lawyer fees if she tries to anull your prenup

    • +El Gringo
      It also depends on why she is getting the annulment. Was she deceived by
      the man? Did she fall for the okey doke that marriage will change him? Or
      did she just choose the wrong man?

    • You don’t talk like a guy ,there are plenty of respectable working men with
      NO substance or abuse problems and some women just take advantage and then
      wish to ‘trade up’ for a taller,richer,younger guy,simple as that.

    • “Get rich first then married”? Sorry i rather play with high class
      prostitute than married when i get rich…

  6. Because men don’t want to marry sluts

    • And women don’t want to marry promiscuous abusers, either.

    • woman today are a reflection of the times.. nihhilism, moral relativism,
      YOLO attitude, consumerism, “sexual liberation”.. most good looking woman
      today say yes to every man that hits on them whether or not they have a boy
      friend they just say “it was an accident” or “i didnt see it coming either”
      because they play into how they are less intellectual and act so innocent,
      no fucking will power or morals of their own

    • +soldatheero So you know most good looking women?

    • Christopher Braboy Some people can control themselves and they have a moral
      stance against premarital sex. I am a 25 year old guy and I am still a
      virgin. I’m not into wild girls. I want a sweet, motherly gal to marry.

  7. Yes, indeed!!

    This is exactly why this man gave up on marriage long ago. I cannot tell
    you how much freedom this has given me. Marriage is just slavery for men

    • +Rafael Barranco
      I could care less about a man’s approval. I do what I want.

    • +Vana Phill that whining and complaining won’t let you recognize one. focus
      on his role, and his positives, then think on the negatives, but give the
      guy credit. this is something women fail to do

    • +ackroh
      Of course I focus on his role. And if he don’t fulfill it, then I can’t
      fulfill my role and have to leave him. This is common sense.

    • +Vana Phill lol, what’s his role? not to give in to every crap you want
      just so you know. you don’t sound reasonable. you sound like an unhappy
      feminist. You ever think of his feelings? of his stress? of how much he
      goes through?

    • +Vana Phill
      I was not talking about men approval.. I was talking about approval in
      general. Do what you want spend what you want but don’t complain that
      there are different standards when you are the one walking into the shop
      and comforting to those standards.

  8. 1 answer…. women became hoes !!!

  9. I replaced the need for women in my life using my hand (which I already
    had) and a sock (which I had to get from my cupboard).

  10. I understand all this it is why I gave up on women some time ago

  11. Generic White Male

    marriage is a contract. i dont want it. if i love a woman we dont need a
    contract to ensure it.

    • The contract is for the *woman* and it brings the federal government into
      your personal relationship. *She* is the one who stands to benefit from it
      – not you. If a woman truly loved you, then just being with you would be
      enough to satisfy her. Since that never seems to be the case, it tells us a
      lot about their character & agenda.

    • It is your grave. It is a bad deal.

  12. Getting married for sex is like buying a 747 for it’s peanuts, think about

  13. iam from India and afraid of getting

    • That’s what I said “upper class” I know nothing about the caste system in

    • +Aaron Hoppitt caste problem is in villages n small towns. Today at least
      lest say office politics, your manager will only support his own community
      people. I think you understand it very well. Iam very fine if she has lost
      her virginity but after that’s she should end her feelings for her ex
      boyfriend second, Iam also willing to divide household wowork 50%. Plus I
      am fine my wife earns more than me bcz these days ladies get promoted
      better. At least one member should earn more. But what I realise when I
      spoke with my freinds actual live scenario wife who was better than husband
      in every way treated him badly he just left the house. You see girls have
      more ego than men. No one likes to say it but it’s a fact

    • +karan pkatarki
      Choose a girl properly. If the girl is going to be trouble, refuse no
      matter what your family says. It’s you who will have to bear with the
      consequences for the rest of your life. Advice given to me by my own

  14. How about because there are no jobs worth having that can build a married
    life? Thank your global businessman.

  15. what guy in there right mind would get married in todays society?? men are
    disposable these days.

  16. The Feminist goal has always been Genocide, weakening Western Civilization
    by undermining also Male Authority.

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